Professional: from top fit to elite!

Top sport is changing. We can assume that every top athlete trains really hard. It is important that each person develops their talent in the right and most efficient way. To achieve this, Movamento has developed a methodology in which these talents can be recognized, so the strengths of a person are used in the right way and the weaknesses are tackled.

Together with you, Movamento sets goals that will form the basis of your training. We do this for every individual at any level.

The trainers at Movamento abtained their quality from their background in professional sport. They have practiced their sport at (inter)national level. In addition, the trainers are educated physiotherapists and/or manual therapists. This combination makes the guidance very successful, we are able to act quickly in situations of pain and/or injury. Also, the background as a physiotherapist provides specific knowledge and expertise in the physical field of an athlete.

The model in which we work shows that the elite sports trainer is working close together with both the coach and technology trainer. In addition, specialists can be used in areas such as mental guidance and nutrition.


What do we offer ?

An elite sports trainer takes care of the physical condition of the athlete with the reason to deliver an optimum sports performance. This means, among other things, that the elite sports trainer takes care of the strength training, sprint training, recovery and periodization of the training schedule. Besides, the elite sports trainer is a physical therapist and / or manual therapist.

elite sports trainer

In Elite sports training Movamento offers individual guidance based on the following aspects


1)    Periodization of training and competition programs in collaboration with the athlete and coach

This means that the annual program (macro), period program (meso) and weekly program (micro) are compiled

2)    Testing with as goal to draw up physical training programs

A test battery is carried out once every 3 months. The training programs are compiled based on the results of these tests. The programs focuses on strength, explosiveness, mobility and coordination

3)    Creating the contant of the physical training

The physical training is compiled based of the tests and the athlete’s history

4)    The supervision of the physical training

The elite sports trainer can be present at the physical training(s)

5)    The preparation for the physical training

The trainings are prepared by the elite sports trainer so the training can be used optimally

6)    Physiotherapeutic screening whereby the load level is estimated

If the athlete has pain or a complaint, it is estimated what the level of this complaint is. Based on this can be decided whether training or exercises can be done, treatment is needed or if a referral is required to a specialist or sports doctor for further investigation.


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