Procedure Submission of complaints

Complaints are submitted to the company by telephone, in writing or via electronic communication. This can be done via the following addresses:

Movamento BV
T.a.v. interne klachtenverantwoordelijke
Jan Evertsenstraat 727
1061 XZ Amsterdam
Tel: 088 02 45 900


The person in charge of the complaint confirms to the complainant that it will be dealt with and that he will receive, in case of single complaints, a response in writing within six weeks after submission of the complaint. However, this response might take up to three months in case of complex complaints. If this period does not appear to be feasible, the complainant will be informed about this in on time (well before the expiry of this period), stating the reason for the delay and to give an indication of when the response will be given. If it appears that the complaint, after following the above procedures, has been handled with insufficient satisfaction, please refer to our professional organization via this link.