Elbow Rehabilitation Physiotherapy (after surgery or to prevent surgery)


Over the past years, we, as a physiotherapy practise, have put a little more emphasis on the elbow. Therefore, Movamento is the only physiotherapy practice in the Netherlands that specifically focuses on elbow rehabilitation. Jelle Heisen has, besides all other things, established the Elleboogkliniek.nl foundation. The foundation’s main goal is to improve the quality of treatment amongst elbow complaints in the Netherlands.
Movamento has specialists in elbow rehabilitation. They have a lot of experience in treating elbow complaints. The elbow is a complex joint, if complaints occur it has a lot of impact on a person. Movamento guides many patients after surgery. Surgery is not always necessary. In that case we help you to achieve the desired level in, for example, work or sports. The rehabilitation policy is determined in close cooperation with orthopedic surgeons. This cooperation is essential to achieve the best result in the recovery of elbow complaints.

The elbow joint is more complex than it initially seems like. While moving, the elbow joint works in close connection with the forearm and wrist. Due to this, a problem can arise in both joints.

The elbow joint consists of the upper arm bone (humerus), on the little finger side the ‘ellepijp‘ (ulna) and on the thumb side the ‘spaakbeen‘ (radius).


Joint cartilage covers the ends of the bones in all joints. This makes a joint move smoother and is now able to absorb shocks. In the elbow joint, the cartilage layer is thinner than in other joints. The most important ligaments in the elbow joint are the inner ligament (medial collateral ligament) and the outer ligament (lateral collateral ligament). The bicep tendon is one of the most important tendons around the elbow. This muscle provides the flexion of the elbow. At the back of the upper arm the triceps tendon connects the large triceps muscle with the elbow. The triceps tendon provides the extension of the elbow.

Different groups of muscles run from the forearm over the elbow joint and are attached to the upper arm. The outer bone point, which lies just above the elbow, is the lateral epicondyl. Muscles that stretch the fingers and wrist (wrist pullers) come together here in a tendon and are attached to the lateral epicondyl. The inner bone point, just above the elbow, is called the medial epicondyl. Most muscles that flex the fingers and wrist (wrist benders) come together here in a tendon and attach to the medial epicondyl.


Complaints that may occur at the elbow joint include:

Tennis Arm / Tennis Elbow
Golfer’s Elbow
Mediale band elbow
Radius head fracture elbow
Elbow luxation (elbow dislocation)
Osteoarthritis of the elbow



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