Wrist and Hand Rehabilitation Physiotherapy (after surgery or to prevent surgery)


Movamento has specialists in wrist and hand rehabilitation. They have a lot of experience in treating wrist and hand complaints. The wrist and hand are complex joints, if complaints occur it has a lot of impact on a person. Movamento guides many patients after surgery. Surgery is not always necessary. In that case we help you to achieve the desired level in, for example, work or sports. The rehabilitation policy is determined in close cooperation with orthopedic surgeons. This cooperation is essential to achieve the best result in the recovery of wrist and hand complaints.

The wrist and hand consist of a large number of bones, muscles, tendons and bands that together allow a lot of mobility and can develop a relatively large strenght. There are three types of bones in the hand. The fingers are formed by the falangen. These are a total of 14 bones. Each finger has three bone pieces, the first part (proximal), the middle part (medial) and the end (distal) part. However, the thumb consists of only two bone pieces. The middle hand is formed by five bone pieces. These are called the metacarpals.

The wrist is formed by 8 bone pieces which are called the carpal bones. These bone pieces are connected on one side with the metacarpals and on the other side with the lower arm bones (the radius and the ulna). The connection between the ulna, the radius and the wrist is a kind of meniscus and is called the Triangulare FibroCartilage Complex (TFCC).

In addition to these bone pieces, there are many muscles, tendons and ligaments in the hand. The muscles ensure that the bone pieces in the hand can move relative to each other. The ligaments provide a firm connection between the bone pieces and ensure the passive stability of the joints.

The carpal tunnel is a tunnel at the front of the forearm that connects the forearm, through the hand, to the wrist. The bed is formed by the wrist bones and the roof by a strong band that runs from one side to the other side of the wrist (the ligamentum carpi transversum). A nerve (the median nerve) passes through this tunnel. Just like this nerve, the flexion tendons also run through this tunnel.



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