Chronic pain determines the quality of life. Pain rehabilitation is aimed at improving the quality of life.


Movamento has a specialized pain rehabilitation team of physiotherapists. By pain rehabilitation we mean improving the functioning in case of a problem with your “posture- and musculoskeletal system”.
Pain can be located in the muscles, joints or, for example, the bones. This problem may have been caused in an accident in which you have been injured (multi-trauma). Rehabilitation can take place after surgery, but it can also be aimed at preventing surgery. However, it is not always clear where pain comes from. Especially with chronic pain, we regularly see that the cause of the pain is not clear. It cannot always be seen on, for example, an X-ray or MRI.
Pain rehabilitation can be focused on recovery, but can also be focused on accaptance and dealing with the pain in daily life. We always go for the best possible result. Our partnerships with medical specialists are very important here. We work together with specialized orthopedic surgeons, pain clinics and rehabilitation doctors.

Depending on your goals and your rehabilitation plan, the treatment team may consist of a physical therapist, manual therapist and sports physiotherapist. In addition, we collaborate with occupational therapists, psychologists, social workers, exercise agogues, orthopedic shoemakers and plaster rooms. We offer treatments that focus on returning to the desired activities ans with that a higher quality of life. We offer rehabilitation which can consist of physiotherapy treatments, individual training and guidance with the return to work or sport. The rehabilitation can also consist of advice on how to ‘burden’ the body more evenly instead of in a pattern of peaks and sub \sequent troughs. Sometimes some help is needed to emphasize what you can still do and to accept that some things can no longer be that easy. Every problem is different and the duration and content of the treatment can be adjusted accordingly. We give the patient time and attention to help every individual at every level.

Personalized rehabilitation plan

Movamento has various specialists who offer personalized care. We have specialists in the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand, but also in the knee, hip and ankle. Movamento stands for quality and invests a lot in internal training. In addition, we want to maintain the quality of care through our interdisciplinary collaborations. If necessary, this allows us to switch quickly to, for example, a trauma surgeon or orthopedist.

Your goals are the main foccus during treatment and rehabilitation. Together with the practitioners, you prepare a rehabilitation plan that matches your personal situation and goals.


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