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Movamento has specialists in shoulder rehabilitation. They have a lot of experience in treating shoulder complaints. The shoulder is a complex joint, if complaints occur it has a lot of impact on a person.


The schoulder joint is formed by three bone pieces: the collarbone (the clavicle), the schoulder blade (the scapula) and the upper arm  (the humerus). Movements of the shoulder complex take place in four joints. Hereby the collarbone moves relative to the breastbone. The fixation and movement of the shoulder largely dependent on the muscles. Furthermore, the collar bone also moves relative to the shoulder blade. This joint is called the acromioclavicular joint, also known as the AC-joint.

Movements of the head of the upper arm, relative to the shoulder blade, are made in the glenohumeral joint. The head of the upper arm is much larger compared to the small joint socket. The shoulder has the shape and function of a ball-joint. This makes it possible for the shoulder to move in three different rotation-axes. The different mobility options are increased by the shoulder girdle. Hereby, the shoulder blade moves relative to the rib arch. The shoulder blade with relative to the rib arch can also be seen as a joint. This joint is called the scapulothoracic sliding surface. The shoulder has great mobility, this works at the expense of the joint stability.


Stability of the shoulder joint is, among other things, formed by the joint capsule. The capsule of the shoulder joint attaches to the edge of the joint socket. The capsule attaches, to the shoulder blade, on the outside of a cartilage ring (the labrum). The labrum is an cartilage ring that is conected on the edge of the shoulder socket, this ensures that the shoulder socket is slightly enlarged.

Besides the capsule, the tendons of the rotator cuff provide stability. The rotator cuff consists of the m. Supraspinatus, m. Infraspinatus, m. Subscapularis and the m. Teres minor. Among other things, the rotator cuff also ensures the rotational movements and stability of the shoulder. In addition to the rotator cuff, the long head of the biceps brachii is an important muscle for the stabilization of the shoulder.


Complaints that could occur in the shoulder are:
Shoulder luxation 
Frozen Shoulder
Shoulder instability
Tendon tear



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