Specialist physiotherapists

Often a complaint or pain will recover ‘normally’, but sometimes it happens that the recovery of an injury does not go well. In case of long-term pain or a chronic condition, you would like to have the best physiotherapist and specialist for that injury. Movamento has specialized physiotherapists in the field of sport and orthopedics who are specialized in the treatment of, for example, the  shoulder, elbow, wrist en hand, knee, hip or back. Specific knowledge and experience is gained to optimally treat complaints in these joints. The treatment starts with a good analysis of the complaints, thereafter a treatment plan will be drawn up. If this shows that there are only limited options for physiotherapy, we have a good network of medical specialists with whom we collaborate. In this way we want to guarantee high quality and be able to help every patient at the right level. In addition to a physiotherapy consultation, you can also have the complain analyzed in our Test Lab. All aspects that may have anything to do with the complain are tested here. We can also perform an ultrasound scan. Ultrasound is particularly suitable for the analysis of muscle and tendon complaints.

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