Tennis analysis to improve your performance


In the tennis Testlab we analyze all aspects to improve your tennis performance. All pieces that lead to a performance are analyzed in the Test Lab. At the end of the analysis, we will provide you with your personal test report including all the test results.


Body composition

Personal factors such as height, weight and posture could influence your tennis performance. With each step we take, the body moves. This means that the body must be in optimum condition to achieve the best tennis performance.



Good mobility in the exercise chain is essential for the human body to play tennis. Throughout the entire chain, mobility restrictions can affect the tennis performance or make it difficult to maintain a correct running technique or to hit the ball correctly.




During tennis, a lot of stability from the core and legs is required. Stability in the exercise chain consists of passive structures such as bones, tendons and menisci. On top of these passive structures, there are muscles that provide active stability. If the stability is not in perfect order, with every pass a lot of energy will disappears into the ground 


Isokinetic strenght

The muscular strenght of the upper legs is essential to play tennis. Therefore, muscle strength is an important aspect in the analysis of performance. A strength analysis can be made through an advanced isokinetic power device. Here, the ratio between the quadriceps and hamstrings is important, but also the difference between the left and the right leg.


Running technique analysis

An efficient running technique ensures better performance. An efficient running technique reduces the load on the legs and this saves energy. In addition, the runnig speed increases if the technique is more efficient. With the help of an advanced camera setup, we are able to analyze the running technique from all perspectives. 


You could say that maneuverability the basis is of tennis. Direction is constantly changed, started and stopped. Therefore it is very important that these movements run as efficient as possible.


Foot analysis

The feet are the base of our body and have to endure a lot of stress while running. Footwear should fit perfectly with the feet position and foot settlement. If necessary, we can support the position and settlement of the feet by providing footwear advice or inlays. 


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