A good rehabilitation starts with a good diagnosis!

Ultrasound is an accurate and comfortable way to examine you. The advantage of ultrasound is that dynamic images can be made so that the injury can be analyzed properly. Ultrasound is a reliable way to determine a complaint.

Ultrasound is a research technique in which sound waves, that travel through the body and reflect on interfaces between soft and harder structures, are used. Through this technique, organs and other soft tissue can be mapped.


The ultrasound examination

The sound used for medical ultrasound has such a high frequency that it cannot be heard by humans. Such a high sound is called ultrasonic and is abbreviated with ultrasound. This ultrasound is introduced into the body with a device that is held right against the skin. Because sound waves are not able to handle an air gap, the skin requires a layer of gel in order to minimize air gaps and improve direct contact between the skin and the device. A special computer system converts the echo signal into video images that are made visible onto a monitor. The images can be printed on paper, X-ray or be recorded.

The big advantage of echo is that you can make moving images!


Ultrasound gives a good impression of the so-called soft parts of the body such as; muscles, tendons and soft tissue like organs. This does not apply to organs that are filled with air because ultrasound is not able to reach through air.

Ultrasound is a good way to diagnose wrist or hand, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, achilles tendon or ankle complaints. In addition, ultrasound is extremely effective for diagnosing tendon and muscle injuries, for example, a muscle tear or tendon inflammation.



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